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Getting to know Prague – historical city

On this tour we would like to show you some major places of historical and also of contemporary Prague. This panoramic tour starts at the hotel and includes Vyšehrad fortress, the valley of the river Vltava with all its bridges, Prague Castle, the Lesser Town and the Old Town with its famous Astronomical Clock.
/driving and walking tour, duration 3 hours/

Grand tour of Prague – artistic city

Prague Baroque National LibraryThis is a complete tour with bigger coverage and more details than the previous one. You will also visit interiors of Prague Castle, important baroque monuments in the Lesser Town – St. Nicholas Temple, The Infant Jesus of Prague, Strahov Monastery with its magnifi cent baroque National Library, Loreto Treasury, and other sites according to your interest or upon your guide’s recommendation.
/driving and walking tour, duration 6 hours/

Architecture tour

Discover with our experienced and licensed guides the art and architecture of all different architectural styles in Prague: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, and Cubism, etc. This tour is primarily focused on art and architecture and is suitable for clients with deep interest in fine arts.
/driving and walking tour, duration 4 hours/

Jewish Prague

The Prague Jewish Town Hall

On this tour we would like to show you the mystery of the former Jewish Ghetto, including the famous Jewish writer’s, Franz Kafka’s birth house. You will visit some of the six remaining synagogues with guide- specialists in Prague’s Jewish Museum, and you can also walk through the Old Jewish Cemetery founded in the 15th century, which is related to famous Prague’s Jewish personalities like Rabbi Löw and many others.
/driving and walking tours, duration 3 hours/

Classical music tour

On this tour you will get to know places connected with the famous composers or musicians who stayed and composed in Prague. Especially Mozart, Dvořák, Smetana, Beethoven, and others will remind you of the importance of classical music for Prague. Bertramka - W.A.Mozart's Prague HomeW. A. Mozart visited Prague five times, where he was loved and appreciated. Join our guide and see where Mozart stayed, and where he composed and conducted his masterpieces. Learn how he created his famous Don Giovanni opera, and how he influenced Prague.
/driving and walking tour, duration 3 hours/

A tour for family and children - Prague’s ZOO

Prague’s ZOO belongs to the nicest in Europe. You can see gorilla family with some new baby gorillas. The Prague`s Zoo keeps the international studbook of the Przewalski’s horse, which became extinct in the wild, the international studbook of the Cuban boa, the Cuban ground iguana, the Malaysian giant turtles and giant Asian pond turtles and the European studbook of the tiger cat.
/driving and walking tours, duration 4 hours/

Prague by night

On this tour we would like to show you the most enchanting views of our city from a boat. Part of this romantic tour includes a boat trip. On the way back to the hotel you can enjoy a view of our illuminated city.
/driving tour, boat voyage, aprox. 3 hours, dinner is included/

The Royal Garden with Belveder SummerhousePrague’s Gardens

Join our guide to discover the beauty of baroque and renaissance gardens located nearby Prague Castle. Baroque gardens are usually terrace floor graduated with the Salla Terrena. The Royal Gardens which flourished in the late 16th century during the reign of the Hapsburg Emperor Rudolph II. can be visited as well. This tour is available only from April till October. Gardens entrance tickets are not included.

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