Special Tours - Jewish monuments in Bohemia and Moravia

The Jewish Memorial at the Terezin cemetery


Terezín was founded as a fortress by the Emperor Josef II. in the 18th century but it was used as a political prison. G. Principe who assassinated the archduke František Ferdinand d` Este died here. During World War II Terezín was converted into a concentration camp for Jewish people from all over Europe.
/5 hour round trip/

Plzeň and Březnice

Pilsen (Plzeň in Czech) situated SW from Prague, has the second largest Synagogue in the whole Europe. Březnice still represents a unique example of ghetto town-planning in Europe. Jewish ghetto was established in the first half of the 18th century after a forced Jewish resettlement and includes 24 Baroque houses. You can visit the Jewish museum located in the synagogue.
/6 hour round trip/

Mikulov and Třebíč

Besides nice renaissance chateaus situated in both towns, both sites are related to Jewish community. There are records of Jewish settlement from the first half of the 15th century in Mikulov because it was once the most important Jewish community in Moravia, and also, there are remains of large, architecturally important Jewish ghetto with a synagogue. Třebíč is the best preserved original Jewish Quarter in Europe (UNESCO). The Jewish Quarter of Třebíč is an exceptional testimony to the cultural traditions related to the Diaspora in Central Europe. The ensemble of the Jewish Quarter with its Rare synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery and St. Procopius Basilica are reminders of the co-existence of Jewish and Christian cultures from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. During the Nazi genocide most of Jewish inhabitants perished.
/10 hour round trip/

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