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St. Stephan cathedral - Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Another frequently visited European city with its Royal Palace, Belvedere, the Cathedral of St. Stephan, Ring street embracing the historical town of Vienna, Museum of the Art history and many other places.
/driving and walking tour, duration 12 hours, lunch or dinner included/

Dresden, Germany

Dresden Old Town over Elbe river, Germany

Dresden positioned on the river Elbe, is seeking to regain the kind of cultural importance it held from the 19th century until the 1920s, when it was a centre of art, culture and music. Richard Wagner had a number of his works performed for the first time in Dresden. Dresden is also home to several important art collections (e.g. old masterpieces in the Zwinger Gallery), world-famous musical ensembles (e.g. in the Semper Opera House), and significant buildings from various architectural periods (e.g. the Hofkirche Cathedral), many of which were rebuilt after the destruction of the World War II.
/10 hour round trip, it takes 2,5 hours to drive there/

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